Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chunkster Reading Challenge 2010

February 1, 2010 - January 31, 2011

Read all about it here

A chunkster is 450 pages or more of ADULT literature (fiction or nonfiction).

Level 2: Do These Books Make my Butt Look Big?

I'm restraining myself and choosing this option which commits me to 4 Chunksters over the 12 months.

1. Blood Royal by Vanora Bennett - 578p

2. New York - Edward Rutherfurd - 1017p

3. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins - 574p

4. Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa - 970p


  1. I was excited to see that the challenge page is set up now! I just put together my own post for tomorrow. Good luck with the challenge!

  2. Thanks Alyce.....and the same to you. Should be fun. I love big books.

  3. I love chunksters. Good luck with this challenge.