Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guest Post: Monica Brinkman

Today I'm happy to welcome to Tell Me A Story - Monica Brinkman, author of The Turn of the Karmic Wheel.

Monica M. Brinkman lived in the Philadelphia, PA area, relocated to the California Bay, where she resided for thirty years and now resides in the St. Louis, MO area, which was the inspiration of her newest book, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel.

She views herself as a citizen of all the States, finding that people throughout the country are warm, caring and most want the same things in life, to enjoy their passions, make a living and be surrounded by those they love. In her own words, “Life is truly an adventure. I believe in giving everyone the opportunity to go after their passions in life. To not do so, creates hostility, depression and emptiness.”

What Inspired Me To Write My Book

As most writers, I found myself interacting with other authors via the internet, reading their thoughts on publishing, form, genre, characterization, point of view and various other aspects to consider when writing a novel.

I found one particular site, which I will refrain from mentioning due to the fact most of the authors on the site were quite informative and tactful when providing advice, where three so-called experts vehemently stated

· Never place your books setting in a rural town within the Ozarks
· Never mix genre
· Never change Point of View

These ‘qualified’ writers continued their ‘advice’ with sarcasm and arrogance directed toward any small, rural town, making jest of the ‘country bumpkins’, citing no reader would relate to country folks.

Remembrances filled my mind, for I grew up in the East Coast, relocated to the West Coast where I lived for many years and now reside in the Ozark region these pompous novelists mocked with such ease. In addition, who were they to put the readers of the world into some ‘readers’ rule box’ and tell them what they should enjoy. Hadn’t many authors changed point of view? Mixed genre was a form of writing many publishing houses welcomed with open arms. In addition, as to changing point of view, Sara Douglass and John Connolly have mastered this craft.

Rebel that I am when hearing mockery or information that didn’t set right in my mind, I vowed that my new book, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, would contain all three of the “never do” qualities. I had wished to write a book that would give others hope in these dismal times, entertain and keep a reader in suspense. What a perfect opportunity to embrace a story containing suspense, horror, the paranormal and spirituality; a book that would open the readers mind and leave them pondering the tale, long after being read.

So far, the reviews have been great and the feedback from the readers of the world fantastic.

Touché’, my three master authors! Our readers possess a much more open mind and intelligence than you gave them credit.

You can find out more about Monica and her work at

About The Turn of the Karmic Wheel

The Turn of the Karmic Wheel is a unique, fresh approach of how each individual’s actions in life affect the masses.

Set in the small college town of Raleigh, MO, the author delves into the psyche of several residents who live vastly different lifestyles. From the affluent to the poor, we follow each characters’ journey through life be it one of faith, self-indulgence, greed, kindness or diversity.

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Monica, thanks for taking the time to share your inspiration with us.

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  1. Thanks, Monica. I loved The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, and this post was delightful.