Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrill Week - It's Coming!

Are you a fan of the genre(s) Thriller, Mystery, Suspense and/or Horror............. than this event is for you.

What is Thrill Week

It is all about Networking with Bloggers and Authors who love to read and write Thrillers, Mystery, Suspense and/or Horrors.  The goal is to find new blogs and bloggers with similar interest in those genres and of course add to our huge TBR and Wishlists.

We will highlight authors that write in these genres or new authors with amazing debuts.   

There will be a 'Thrill Ride/Blog Hop' to start off the event,  Marce would like to request only those that review minimum of twice a month in the above genres to participate.

There will be giveaways, LOTS and LOTS of Giveaways.

More information at Tea Time With Marce

Promotional Giveaway - If you post the Thrill Week Announcement on your blog during the month of August, Marce will enter you into a $20 Giveaway, book of your choice from Book Depository.  Enter your link here posting the Announcement of Thrill Week before Aug 30 and she will use at midnight to choose (one) winner .

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  1. Great idea. I've read a few crime/mystery/suspense books recently and I have more to hand, so I'll try to write about some of them that week.