Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Library Loot

Hosted by Marg at Reading Adventures and Eva at A Striped Armchair

I went to the library today..........with the purpose of returning books that would be overdue if I kept them any longer.
I went to the library today knowing I still had a healthy TBR pile at home and with a firm resolve that I was NOT going to add to it.

Who was I kidding!!!!!

Well , at least I restricted myself to only six! Isn't that Charlaine Harris cover gorgeous!

The Lindsey Davis I was going to put on hold for later in the year but there it was right before my eyes. 741 pages...............Chunkster Challenge, here I come!


  1. Hello! well that little lot is going to keep you going for 5 minutes or so!! What a great looking haul!

    I've just started on 'The Neighbour' and I'm liking it alot, a good quick page turner. The Book of Negro's was an awesome read, fastest I've read a book in ages thats for sure! Picked up The Little Stranger from the library today too so I'm on fire ticking books off the list I made left right and centre!

    Love your blog and the reviews...all the challenges seem like great prompts to go searching out books that you might not normally pick up...will have to see if I can find one that suits me...a small one lol!!

    seesha...happy reading :-)

  2. Lots of great books!! I haven't heard of some of them but I love the covers!!

  3. Hi inh, nothing like lots of lovely covers, is there?

    Hello there Monique.....a nice little haul indeed to go with the ones I already have. Glad you liked Book of Negroes which will have to wait awhile for me and I'll be most interested to hear what you think of Little Stranger.

    Good luck with the challenges.....it's addictive!

  4. I picked up a Lisa Gardner book last year & liked it, so she's definitely on my TBR list this year!

  5. My favourite cover is The Gathering Night! :)

  6. Veggiemom....I've enjoyed other LG books so hope this one will prove to be as good.

    Eva.....I love that cover too. And I like the sound of what's inside.

  7. I love the cover to A Thousand Orange Trees! (That's one of my favourite paintings.) The Charlaine Harris is definitely on my list too (of books to read, I mean, although I like the cover too!)

  8. That is a different cover for the Harris. I read this book not long ago, and thought it was a good wrap up to the series. At least I think it is the wrap up to the series.

    Enjoy your loot!

  9. avisannschild....it is a lovely cover. Lets hope what's inside is as good.

    Marg - I noticed that the shelfari version had a different cover. Oh dear.....the end of the series.....what a shame. I prefer this series to Sookie's vampires.

    justabook reader - it does look good...and big!