Monday, December 19, 2011

I Want More 2012 Challenge

 Hosted by Marce @ Tea Time With Marce

 January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

Have you read 1 book by an author and at the end said you must read more? Then this Challenge is for you.
* All Genres are Welcome
* This challenge does NOT include Series, only stand alone
* See Levels below, you can change at any time if increasing, you cannot decrease once signed up.
* All forms of books will count - eBooks, Audiobooks, etc

Level of Participation 
Waited too long: 2 - 4 books
Give me more: 5 - 8 books
Never too much: 9 - 12 books

I do this all the time - read a book, love it, and vow to read more of the author's work but somehow the weeks slip away and I never get to it. So hopefully this will give me the incentive to do it! I'm signing up for the second level 5 - 8 books with these authors in mind but always subject to change.

Connie Willis
Jane Harris 
Fred Vargas
Khaled Hosseini
Susan Vreeland
Rosamund Lupton
Kate Atkinson
Kathryn Harrison


  1. I thought you had read both of RosamundL books, that is a good one.

    Thanks for joining, I look forward to the reviews.

  2. Marce - I've only read Afterwards and looking forward to Sister which I have on hold at the library - it will be my first read for the challenge.