Saturday, May 8, 2010

Show Me 5 Saturday: I Can See You by Karen Rose

A meme hosted by Alipet at That's A Novel Idea

1 Book I Read: I Can See You by Karen Rose

2 Words that describe the book: Suspense thriller

3 Settings where it took place or characters you met:

1. Set in present day Minneapolis, USA where a killer is stalking his prey online. He learns about their dreams, their fears and vulnerabilities then stalks and kills them in the real world.
2. EveWilson has spent years hiding from the damage inflicted on her by a madman. Retreating into the virtual world, she made a new life for herself and through her graduate thesis helps others to start their own recovery.
3. Detective Noah Webster knows that the victim's suicides have been staged .And when Eve contacts Webster to tell him that one of the dead women was participating in her online study, it soon becomes apparent that this killer ia new breed of predator.

4 Things you liked and/or disliked about it:

1. I liked that Karen Rose has restored my faith in this genre. A recent spate of disappointments made me feel that I no longer wanted to read these books but then I realised they were all written by men (sorry,boys) and decided to give the ladies a shot.
2. I liked that in this book the author is introducing a new group of homicide detectives called the Hat Squad. It's a tribute to those law officers in Atlanta who on solving their first homicide are presented with a classic felt fedora.
3. I liked that in 499 pages the suspense never faltered, the twists and turns were constant and although I thought I picked the bad guy I was wrong.
4. I liked the romance that developed between Eve and Noah - two sorely wounded people finding each other - nice.

5 Stars or less for your rating?

I'll give it 4 Stars but if I was only taking this genre into account it would be more. For anyone who likes a great suspense/crime/thriller I recommend this book.

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  1. I've seen this author's name many times but haven't read any of her books. This sounds like a good one. Glad you liked it!