Monday, May 3, 2010

Wake up, Queenie!

"Rules? There are no rules! A blog ain't no democracy. It's your space. You are the Queen/King of your own blog. The Master of Your Domain Name. "

From Chris at Book-a-rama - click on the link to read more.

One of the fun things about being hours ahead of most of the rest of the world is that I get to sit here on a Monday morning with my cup of tea and read everyone else's Sunday posts. Sunday posts are usually more diverse and chatty and being the beginning of the month this week there's a lot about goals etc. but Chris's touched on something I've been pondering on through April. Its about six months since I began book blogging which is a small milestone ........or perhaps it's a crossroads and one must stop and reflect a little on the road travelled so far............and ask " Is this the way I planned it to be?'

I left my other blogging world for something new - the plan was simple - have fun, read and write about lots of books and share my love for reading with other bloggers. In no time I had it all...............and more!

And some of the 'more' is becoming a problem - sneaky rats are invading Queenie's kingdom and if she doesn't do something about it fast she'll lose it.  Nasty little invasive creatures nibbling and gnawing away ........they have names like Haveto and Mustdo and Shoulddo.............they spoil things. take away the pleasure of spontaneity and the joy of simply doing what you want, when you want.
How easy it is to let those sneaky rats take over! I have no one but myself to blame and no one else but me can fix it. As I look ahead into May all I see is the third week.............four books to read and three posts I'm committed to all in one week. Haveto dictating what I will read...........the pressure of mustdo. This is not what I want! This is not how it should be!

No! There are no rules outside of my domain that I must obey..........but there definitely needs to be some within the kingdom and the self-discipline and restraint to follow them. 


  1. Love this post!! :-) I ditto what you wrote. At one point, blogging became about 'have-to"s and "should-do"s for me too. But I'm trying to make sure I don't fall in that trap. Have fun!

  2. It's so hard to prevent it happening with so much fun activity going on but it's something I'm going to have to do or the fun will be gone.