Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monthly Roundup - August 2010

Farewell August - Welcome September

The daffodils nod their heads around the pond and the weeping willow is about to burst into leaf. Although the weather is still cold the first signs of Spring are visible and a sight to gladden the heart.
It's been a busy month in real life and not likely to change much before the end of the year. Our son and his family are in the process of probably moving back to this part of the country and at present are spending much of their time staying with us. So I'm definitely not going to make any predictions about this months reading and blogging. I'll take it as it comes and try not to worry about reviews needing to be done and books waiting to be read.

Books read in August = 13

Wolfsangel by M.D.Lachlan
Peony in Love by Lisa See
We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver
Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh
Trespass by Rose Tremain
Queenmaker by India Edghill
Lifeblood by N.J.Cooper
The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
Lavinia by Ursula le Guin
The Sand Fish by Maha Gargash
One Child by Jeff Buick
Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier
Eternal on the Water by Joseph Monniger

DNF = 3
The Island Beneath the Sea - Isabel Allende .........not the book's fault in any way. I like this author but I couldn't give it the attention it needed so returned it to the library and I'll try again another time.
Perfection by Julie Metz.........I read most of it but then tired of it.
The Wives of Henry Oades by Joanna Moran .........Part of this book is set in NZ which was why I chose to read it but I didn't care for the writing style ........I got bored.

Aug 1 - 16 were the final two weeks of the Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen readalong hosted by Jennifer at Reading with Tequila. I really enjoyed both the book and the readalong for which we all did weekly posts.

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins was hosted by Lydia at The Lost Entwife throughout the month. I loved the book but struggled to find the time to contribute as much as I would have liked to the discussion threads. I plan to do a review of this one very soon.
Lydia will be hosting another in September - North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell if anyone is interested.

I do enjoy readalongs and think they're a great way to actually read some of those books , particularly the classics, that seem to be perpetually on the 'one day I'll read that'  list. This month I'll take a break - I have a copy of The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton which I want to read.

I passed the 100 library books read earlier this month so have completed the Support Your Local Library Challenge. When 95% of my reading comes from the library and I know I'll read more than 100 books it was the challenge that wasn't a challenge and the result of new book blogger overenthusiasm.
I hope to finish at least two more challenges during September and one thing's for sure.........I'm going to be far more restrained and selective next year. The thought of being able to read and review exactly what I want to becomes more appealing every day.

Google Reader
First thing in the morning, a cup of tea and google reader - I love it but it's not until you go away for a few days that you realise what a monster it can be. Since returning from our daughters I've been making changes and removing some feeds . I've been monitoring what I really look forward to , the blogs that write what I want to read, that share my reading tastes etc and I did have a few in my reader that don't. I also don't like the new giveaway forms so too many of those appearing and sorry - too annoying especially when you're not even eligible to fill them in.

Looking forward to another great month of reading and blogging in September. Happy reading everyone!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the North and South read-along. Unfortunately I have alot of reading commitments on september but I am going to try and fit this in.

  2. You have had quite a busy August!! I feel the same way that you do about read-alongs, and I'm participating in my first one with The Handmaid's Tale -- I see that we are both doing the du Maurier Challenge, which is when I'll be reading Rebecca for the first time (my first du Maurier!) Yay, I can't wait!

  3. Google Reader can turn into a beast, for certain. I have recently had to make some blog following choices like you have described, and it was for the good of my sanity. :)

    I will read The Woman in White. How can I not knowing that you recommend it.

    I have Eternal on the Water, picked it up once but then another book led me away. I really ought to read it soon. Maybe in November...who knows, maybe sooner.

    My book read list looks similar to yours, several books read but only a few reviews. I think that is just fine so you should not worry about them.

    I hope you enjoy the time with your son and his family. Nice that he will be closer.

    Happy impending Spring to you!

  4. You sure had a great month in August! Good book choices. I wish I could be 6 months here and 6 months there, so that I don't have to put up with winter. I am excited about Fall, but feeling really dreadful thinking that winter is so close by.