Saturday, August 7, 2010

SM5S: Wolfsangel by M.D.Lachlan

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1 Book I Read: Wolfsangel by M.D.Lachlan

2 Words that describe the book: Historical Fantasy

3 Settings and/or Characters I met:
  • Set in the time of the Vikings - Authun is a Viking king who has no sons, no heir, until the witch queen tells of a prophecy that there is a child, a child of the Gods, who will lead his people to conquer the world. Authun must lead a raid on a foreign land to capture the child but discovers not one, but twin boys and he takes both.
  • Vali and Feileg.......the twin boys are quickly separated - Vali will be raised by Authun as his heir, Feileg is taken by the witches to be raised by a family of berserks and later , by wolves. Eventually, destiny brings their lives together again.
  • Adisla - the girl Vali loves, she is captured by raiders and Vali and Feileg set off on the quest to find her.
4 Things I liked/disliked about the book:
  • I liked the historical background - a glimpse into Viking life and culture .
  • I liked the fantasy. Well researched and based on Norse mythology and sagas , witches, wolves and werewolves weave themselves effortlessly into the human experience.
  • I liked the writing style. It's pure storytelling - I've never listened to an audio book but I can imagine this would be like sitting at the feet of a Nordic bard spinning his epic tale of glorious adventures. Brave heroes, mad berserks and gory battles , viking raids and rune magic - it's stirring stuff!
  • I liked the fast pace and the action. Not my usual choice but it was exactly what I needed at the time to provide something different in my reading.
5 Stars or less for my rating:

4 Stars.............I like fantasy when it is magic with a foundation of realism and Wolfsangel's mixture of history, mysticism and mythology combined with an exciting narrative and vivid descriptive prose made wonderfully entertaining reading. 


  1. WOW! This one sounds fun! I don't usually read Sci Fi/Fantasy, but every now and again, I do need a change!

  2. I don't read a great deal of fantasy but I saw a good review of this one and thought I'd try it.

  3. Sounds like a good book to shake things up a bit. I really like the cover. I'm glad you enjoyed the book so much. Have a great weekend and happy reading!

  4. I don't think I've EVER read a Viking-themed book, but you are making a great case for this one!

  5. I've got to go with Jenners, I've never read a Viking themed book. I'm checking this one out. Thank You for your review.

  6. This does sound like a good read, and one that is right up my alley. I must, must,must remember to read this one.

    I like this review format.

  7. It is a great story - hope you'll all try it.

  8. I probably wouldn't pick this one up on my own but it sounds like a good one for me to try.