Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A weekly event hosted by Sheila at One Persons Journey

Where we list the books completed last week, the books currently being read and the books we plan to read this week.

The Past Two Weeks - The Historian and Mushashi readalongs continue and I'm really enjoying both of these books. Have also read

Tiger Hills by Sarita Mandanna
Affinity by Sarah Waters
The Rossetti Letter by Christi Phillips
The Piano Teacher by Janice Y K Lee
Started Early,Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson

Reviews added for:
The Owls Killers by Karen Maitland
The Scarlet Contessa by Jeanne Kalogrides

Currently I'm reading:
A Room Swept White by Sophie Hannah
I'm having one of my short breaks (very short it will be with so many good ones waiting) from historical fiction - its when I turn to contemporary fiction particularly suspense thrillers.
After that who knows - I'm spoilt for choice at the moment with still a pile of library books and also the wonderful haul I brought home from the Rotary Club's book fair. Twenty-four books at only $2 each - I was in heaven.
These two library books are definite possibilities...
The Missing by Jane Casey
The Greenlanders by Jane Smiley

What are you reading this week?


  1. I am VERY interested in Tiger Hills! I saw your review a couple of days back, and have wanted to read it since.

  2. I read The Greenlanders many years ago, and I thought it was fascinating.

  3. Great score at the book sale. Need to check out the Sophie Hannah book, sound like something I would like.


  4. I like the cover on A Room Swept White. Last week was a nice mixture of research, picture books and reading for fun. Here's what I'm reading this week.

  5. Thank you for your comment! Have a great reading week!