Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: Nanny Returns by N.Kraus and E.Mclaughlin

Genre: Chicklit
Publisher: Atria Books, 2009

Twelve years after the fateful night she was fired, Nan is back in NY with her husband, Ryan (HH ),settling in to renovate a home, get her new consulting business off the ground. Nan is taken by surprise by HH's sudden desire to start a family - and her resistance to the idea.

Then Nan receives a late-night, drunken visit from a now 16-yr-old Grayer, who's discovered the nanny cam she made on her last night in his mother's employment - and he wants answers. Racked with guilt and struggling to find a way to help Grayer and his 7 yr old brother Stilton, through their parents divorce, Nan finds herself getting sucked back into the toxic Upper East Side world of wealth, power and dysfunction all over again.

I haven't read The Nanny Diaries but found this sequel to be light and entertaining reading despite chicklit  not being my first choice of genre. Enough of the events of the first book are told to have an understanding of them although if I had read The Nanny Diaries I might feel as if I'm reading much of the same again.My greatest problem was I didn't relate to Nan too well and found her rather irritating and her behaviour very contradictory. However, it was an interesting peek into a world I know nothing about and it had enough humour and smart dialogue to hold my interest to the end.

I read Nanny Returns for International Book Tours


  1. Dunno about this one, the first was ok, but, yes that eternal but

  2. I enjoyed The Nanny Diaries but this one doesn't sound like it will be as appealing for me.