Friday, November 26, 2010

Less is Not Always More

In fact Less is often exactly what it says - not enough of what one wants, needs , desires or expects. This year I've read two books by Dean Koontz,  a favourite author from whom I expected a great deal More than what I got.


For me, both these books lacked  depth and substance ...........short chapters, fewer pages and double spacing between the lines have had me asking if Mr Koontz may be going down the same road some of my other old favourite writers have gone -  settling for quantity over quality.

So I was very happy to find this review at LibraryJournal  of his next book to be released in January, 2011.

I'm Hoping for More from

"Yet, from his always-popular body of work there sometimes emerges one of particular merit, one likely to add even more readers to his fan base. This spooky ghost story is such a book. It succeeds as an outstanding work of horror because of several elements: the appeal of the main character, homicide detective John Calvino, whose family was murdered by a serial killer when he was 14; the unstoppable evil of the killer, Alton Turner Blackwood, whose spirit returns from death to embody others so that he can force them to do his bidding; and Koontz’s adherence (as outlined in his 1972 Writing Popular Fiction) to his own creed for writing suspense in which The Chase, The Race Against Time, and The Anticipation of a Violent Event are of equal importance."...........LibraryJournal Review - Nov 15, 2010

What great books did you hear about/discover this past week? Share with us your FRIDAY FINDS!

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  1. Oh it would be great to read something from DeanK that used to give that ahhh moment when done, he has been missing that. Look forward to this one. Great find.

  2. I use to read all of Dean Koontz books when I was younger. Haven't touched any of his books for a while now but this one does look interesting. Thanks for sharing and have a great reading week ahead. :D