Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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A weekly meme where we list the books completed last week, the books currently being read and the books we plan to read this week.

Last week I read:
The Other Hand by Chris Cleave
The Raising by Laura Kasischke
Bereft by Chris Womersley...............Brilliant!!
The Somnambulist by Essie Fox

Added Reviews for:
The Ghost Writer by John Harwood
Fugitive Blue by Claire Thomas
The Circus of Ghosts by Barbara Ewing

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Currently I'm reading: I finished The Somnambulist late last night so am in between books right now but a quick look at this one at lunchtime was enough to know I'll keep reading........

The Time In Between by Maria Duenas

The inspiring international bestseller of a seemingly ordinary woman who uses her talent and courage to transform herself first into a prestigious couturier and then into an undercover agent for the Allies during World War II.

I downloaded this from NetGalley and will be reading it on my Kindle so will need some 'real' books as well so also coming up this week will be one from my bookshelf and one from the library.

Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett . "It is the 1960s. Rose Clinton arrives at St Elizabeth's, a Roman Catholic home for unwed mothers in Habit, Kentucky. Rose is a young woman who has decided, to be 'a liar for the rest of my life'. She is pregnant but also married (athough at St Elizabeth's she claims to be unwed), fleeing her dull but loving husband without telling him she is pregnant.
The Nightmare Thief by Meg Gardiner.........."In the California wilderness no one can hear you scream. San Francisco Forensic Psychiatrist Jo Beckett doesn't dissect the body or the crime scene -- she dissects a life and a mind, recreating the victim as a person, piecing together the story of their death to get to the truth. "

Have a great reading week!


  1. I've seen three or four mentions of The Time In Between just in my blog hopping today!

    Enjoy your books!

  2. Looks like some exciting reviews will be coming up.

    I just couldn't get into Dracula, i'll try again the week of Halloween I guess.

  3. I'm LOVING The Time In Between - it's soooo fantastic!

  4. Marg - so have I! It must be the book of the week.

    Lydia - fantastic, I'm so glad you're loving it. I've only read a few pages but had the feeling it was going to be a good one.

    Marce - you did better than me. I only looked at Dracula and decided to leave it until next year. :-(

  5. The Time In Between is a book I would like to read.

  6. Bereft, Patron Saint of Liars and The Nightmare Theif are all on my list of TBR books.

    I look forward to reading your reviews of them!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  7. The Circus of Ghosts and the Nighttime Thief both sound wonderful!

  8. Enjoy your books. My favorite read this week is Pirate King by Laurie R. King. This week I want to finish How to Party with a Killer Vampire by Penny Warner. Please come see what else I'm reading.

  9. Patron Saint of Liars looks creepy, but the story sounds really interesting. :)

    New Follower. Here is my Monday! + 2 Awesome Giveaways! Have a great week!

  10. Brooke - books we've never heard of is one of the good things about memes.

    Esme - I think it's going to be a good read.

    Shelleyrae - I hope you'll read bereft, it was wonderful.

    Sheila - can recommend Circus of Ghosts.

    Puss - Vampire Killers, not my thing but hope you enjoy.

    Niina - Welcome to the band of followers. I'm expecting good things from Ann Patchett.

  11. I wonder what the Ann Patchett book is like. I've only read her new State of Wonder, which I enjoyed. She's on my wishlist... but it's long! :-)

  12. Great new books. I liked Patron Saint of Liars a lot - I like Patchett period. enjoy

  13. I've seen a few recommendations for The Time In Between as well, it's not my usual, but I am pretty curious! I hope you enjoy it! Happy reading!

  14. I'm interested in the Patchett book too. Happy reading!

  15. I loved The Other Hand. Couldn't put that one down. Always meant to try Anne Patchett. That one looks interesting.

  16. Great reads!!!
    I rebooted my book this week at
    I hope you will stop by and let me know what you think.


  17. Ooh, love Ann Patchett's books. And The Nightmare Thief piqued my interest. Thanks for sharing!


  18. Judith - I haven't read any but I thought as this was her first novel it was a good place to start.

    Diane - Glad you liked it - sounds promising.

    BL - it's certainly showing up everywhere this week so there'll be a ton of reviews soon.

    Harvee - I'm hoping it will be good reading.

    Karen - The Other Hand was good and definitely hard to put down.

    Dollycass - I noticed on google reader you were making changes.

    Laurel-Rain - I must be the only person who hasn't read AP but I'm liking the positive response and looking forward to reading Patron Saint now.

  19. Looks like a great line-up! The Time in Between looks particularly good. That's one of my favorite time periods.

    Here's my Monday:

  20. The Nightmare Thief sounds fabulous. Happy reading. :)

  21. I loved your review of Ghost Writer. I have to find a copy!

  22. Bev/silsbee - have started both of these and they're proving to be very good.

    Chris - thanks and I hope you'll enjoy it too. I'm now looking for his other book The Seance.