Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend Cooking - At Willa Cather's Tables

I've been reading Willa Cather and as I was googling around looking for background information I came across this lovely cookbook. Edited by Ann Romines - At Willa Cather's Tables: The Cather Foundation Cookbook brings together recipes from her books and tells of her friends, family and the places she lived complete with wonderful illustrations.  

Alexander's Bridge is the novel I've been reading and in the story Alexander's mistress , Hilda Burgoyne, serves up an elegant French dinner to her lover. 

" It was a wonderful little dinner. There was watercress soup, and sole,  

and a delightful omelette stuffed with mushrooms and truffles, and two small rare ducklings, and artichokes, and a dry yellow Rhone wine of which Barley had always been very fond." 

Truffles aside it all sounds very simple and tasty although I failed to find any images for whole ducklings so perhaps they are no longer culinary fashionable. Having spent weeks watching mother ducks rear their babies around our pond I doubt I could bring myself to eat them anyway and would be quite happy to settle for a more anonymous duck breast.

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