Monday, November 19, 2012

My Day in Books

This fill-in-the-blanks meme originated at Cornflower Books. I spotted it this morning at Claire's blog and thought it would be an excellent way to avoid writing a review to spend the afternoon. Complete the sentences with titles of books you read this year.

I began the day by Collecting Cooper

before breakfasting on Foal's Bread

On my way to work I saw The Roundabout Man

and walked by The Mill on the Floss

but I made sure to stop at The Grand Babylon Hotel.

In the office, my boss said, My Dear, I wanted to tell you

and sent me to research Lady Audley's Secret.

At lunch with Clara Callan

I noticed An Honourable Man

in The Darkest Room
greatly enjoying Five Red Herrings.

Then on the journey home, I contemplated Black Flowers

because I have A Duty to the Dead

and am drawn to The Meaning of Night.
Settling down for the evening Under the Dome

I studied The Behaviour of Moths

before saying goodnight to the My Antonia


  1. I am very jealous that you had a suitable light source for the final sentence! This is such a fun meme and, as you say, a great filler when you can't necessarily work up the energy to write a review (which I certainly couldn't today).

    1. It was fun although a couple of sentences almost had me beat.

  2. Oh, very cool! I love these and I love your answers. Now, I'm going to have to go do this myself.

    1. Nice to do something different for a change especially as the year comes to an end.

  3. Here's mine: