Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Library Loot

Talking of Eva at A Striped Armchair - make sure you don't miss her post Travel by Books: 2009 Wrap Up.
Totally awesome collage of books and maps.


I still have a few to catch up with at home so on this weeks library excursion I settled for choosing some titles for reading challenges.


  1. Oh The Secret History of the Pink Carnation is GREAT! Its one of my favorite books :) Looking forward to seeing what you think of The Tudor Rose.

  2. So after drooling over the covers of your new library books (love the pink carnation one!) I went to check out your link to the travel in books collage and of course flicked down to see what NZ books she had read and saw Daughter of the Forest listed I was about to say it seems out of the ordinary to find a NZ author writing out of a NZ setting but then remembered I have just bought home Rachael Kings' 1st novel set in the Brazilian rain forest so maybe I won't say that...maybe I better just read more books written by NZ authors first....heh!

  3. Oh got some great loot there! Enjoy!

  4. pink carnation cover = win

    the time to dance, time to die looks v. interesting.

  5. Loved The Pink Carnation book, and have the latest book in the series out from the library myself and I borrowed that same Marillier this week! Really enjoyed The Tudor Rose too.

    Hope you enjoy your loot.

  6. I really like your loot!
    Marillier is great, that book made me cry. Though I did not like the next 2 as much

  7. Crying sounds good, Blodeuedd - a sure sign of a good story.

    Thanks for visiting - don't know where my earlier response went but it seems to have disappeared.