Sunday, March 14, 2010

Suddenly Sunday!

Svea at Confessions and Ramblings of a Muse in the Fog has created this new weekly event and invites anyone to join in and leave a link at her blog.

It's been a week of hectic social activity with my brother and SIL staying but as they now live in the UK we don't see them often so lovely to get together for a while.
I did manage to snatch a few moments each day with google reader but that was the extent of my blogging world and I have to say I missed it.
The bloghopping started by Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books is proving to be a great success although I haven't had time to get right into it yet.
Thanks to all those who have hopped by and commented and a big welcome to my new followers. I did have a brief half hour last night during which I tried to repay some of those visits and even in this short time I was wowed by the beautiful blogs out there. Just as well I had a clearing out of old prebookblogging sites on GR last week because there are a lot of new blogs being added.

 I doubt there'd ever be a week when I read nothing at all so I did have a book at hand over the last few days. It was one I'd never heard of before I saw it on the library shelf but the synopsis sounded ok - I don't usually talk about the books I'm reading on the Sunday post but this one is getting a mention because I don't intend to waste my time reviewing  it.  What really annoyed me was the long list of blurbs on the back cover, each one a mouthful of gushing superlatives written by various critics of well known newspapers who one assumes do know what they're talking about. It wasn't long before I began to question:
Was I reading the same book they had?
Did they even read the book?
Was I missing something - aka am I so stupid I'm incapable of seeing the literary merit of this book?
But then - why does this book need such an excess of advertising to promote it's worth?
I must disagree and add my humble opinion to the list ......... "did not like, did not finish!"

On a more positive note the first two books I signed up to read and review with International Book Tours are on their way and I'm looking forward to them arriving soon.

Spotted at Bibliophile by the Sea  - the Non-Fiction Five Challenge 2010 hosted by Trish at Trish's Reading Nook. As I've had a private challenge with myself to read more non-fiction this year I'll probably join in this one.

Looking forward to a quiet week with lots of reviewing to be done.

Hope you've all had a great week .............and a great one to come!



  1. I enjoyed the book blog hop a lot-both for blogs I found and people that found me-I think I will also join the non-fiction challenge as I have a number of books in need to read-

  2. Sounds like a good week, and a good week to come :)

  3. Glad you had fun visiting with your family. We missed you yesterday for Show Me 5 Saturday. Have a great week and happy reading.