Sunday, March 21, 2010

Suddenly Sunday!

Svea at Confessions and Ramblings of a Muse in the Fog has created this new weekly event and invites anyone to join in and leave a link at her blog.
So here we are with another week gone by and it's Sunday again! After all the comings and goings of the past month it's been nice to feel life returning to a quieter pace for a short while before Easter and the school holidays come around.
There's been the first nip of Autumn in the air and some of the trees are beginning to show a glimpse of their approaching change of garb.
Thanks again to all who bloghopped into my place this weekend and a big welcome to new followers.
Have you been following the Spotlight Series ? - great reviews and great books to add to your ever growing TBR lists. My review of the The Pirate's Daughter will be posted tomorrow.
So I've decided to give the Monday meme a miss this week and update here instead. This week I reviewed
A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick
The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny
Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts by Lucy Dillon
I read:
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See
From Harvey River by Lorna Goodison
Sisters of the Prophecy by Michelle Zink
The first two I'm not going to review but to all those who mentioned they hadn't yet read Snow Flower - put it at the top of the list and read it! Its beautiful although the description of foot binding is horrific. I had no idea of what the process actually was and its quite awful.
Changing my coming week around made me realise how easy it is to fall into a too predictable and rigid routine which opens the door to all those 'must do', 'should do', 'have to' pressures which can take away the pleasure of daily posting. Something I certainly don't want to happen. Be more flexible is my resolution for the week.

 I'm going to read Blood Royal by Vanora Bennett  - I bought it a month ago and it's been constantly pushed aside by my library pile . Almost 600 pages of wonderful (hopefully) historical fiction .......what more could a his/fic junkie want!

And I'm going to sign up for the Once Upon a Time challenge hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings. ......"For the past four years I have hosted the Once Upon a Time Challenge, an opportunity to band together as a community to celebrate story, in this case the kind that fits roughly under one’s own personal definition of four categories: fantasy, folklore, fairy tale and mythology."

Seems a lot of people have been waiting for this one with great anticipation.

I shall commit to the Quest the First read 5 books within the time period March 21st - June 30th. Should be fun and I already have Hearts Blood by Juliet Marillier waiting to be the first read.

That's all I have time for today.................have a great reading week!


  1. I recently also read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See and am very much in agreement with your remarks. I also read her Shanghai Girls and am now reading Peony in live-set in china in the 17th century-I also did not know how horrible the foot bind experience was for women-about ten percent die from the effects of it-some of the foot binding scenes are a bit hard to read but I learned a lot about china from her 3 books-great summery on your part

  2. Hi Cat! I followed you over here from Jennifer's blog hop. I love the name of your blog!

    I see you read Snow Flower... I LOVED that book!! Glad you did too and am looking forward to your review.

    I'm a new follower!

  3. mel - I am so looking forward to reading more of Lisa See. I thought Snow Flower was really something special.

    Jenny - hi and welcome. I'm not reviewing Snow Flower as I think there are enough reviews out there and I doubt there is anyone who doesn't think it was wonderful.

  4. Have a good week ahead! I do have Snow Flower somewhere at the top of my list and hope to get there soon!

  5. Wow! How can you read so many books in one week? I can barely finish two lol. Thanks for continuing to join in on "Suddenly Sunday" :) Have a great week!