Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guest Author: Bill Walker

Today it gives me great pleasure to welcome to my blog author Bill Walker who is going to share some of his thoughts about  his novel A Note from an Old Aquaintance.


I've always been fascinated by history and by the past. I guess you could say that I'm naturally nostalgic. With the future uncertain, the past beckons with a golden light that is hard to resist. That's what motivated me to write A Note from an Old Acquaintance. I was also motivated to try something new as a writer. For the most part, my previous books tended to be more plot-driven, more in the vein of a mystery or thriller. And while this book contains a dash of those elements, the story is much more focused on the two main characters and how they meet, fall in love, and are separated by circumstances they cannot control.

Aside from being a nostalgic person, I'm also an incurable romantic. For me, the idea of reconnecting with a lost love is something very powerful--something I believe will resonate for readers, as it does for me. I also wanted to explore how two very different men, with different backgrounds and temperaments could love the same woman so intently and how dissimilar that love could be.

For Brian and Joanna, their connection is primal, spiritual, and intellectual. Each understands what it takes to create their art and each draws inspiration from the other. On the other hand, Joanna's fiancé, Erik sees her more as an object of worship, something to put on a pedestal. What he sees in Joanna is the ultimate inspiration for his need for wealth and power.

So, what I've tried to do is write something that will speak to readers of every stripe, men included. Hopefully, that will be the case. For the one thing writers want is to be read and appreciated, an accomplishment that is getting harder and harder to realize.


About the author: Bill Walker is a graphic designer specializing in book and dust jacket design, and has worked on projects by Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Dean Koontz, and Stephen King. Between his design work and his writing, he spends his spare time reading voraciously and playing very loud guitar, much to the chagrin of his lovely wife and two sons. Bill makes his home in Los Angeles and can be reached through his web site:

Thanks to Bill Walker for taking the time to stop by.

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  1. Great post!
    And I do agree about lost love being very powerful